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Want to learn how to measure your blood pressure?

Join the RI Healthy Heart Ambassador Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring program! This program helps people learn how to accurately take their blood pressure at home.


Participants will:

  • Get four months of personalized support from a Healthy Heart Ambassador.
  • Take and write down their blood pressure at least two times a month.
  • Attend to individual consultations a month with a Healthy Heart Ambassador. 
  • Attend monthly nutrition education seminars

Who can join?

People who are over 18 who have:

  • Been told they have high blood pressure and/or are on blood pressure medicine.
  • Not had a heart attack or stroke in the past year

Why Join?

Empower yourself with new skills and knowledge to help you better manage your blood pressure!

Interested in Enrolling?

Participants can start whenever they want. Enrollment is open from September 26th, 2022 to January 26th, 2022.

For more information or to enroll, contact Melissa Kirdzik.

Melissa Kirdzik 


Classes are held in person and virtually through Eat to Live, LCC located at 493 Broadway, Newport RI.

Eat to Live


Eat to Live is a team of 3 Registered Dietitians located in Newport, Rhode Island on a quest to promote customized holistic nutrition and overall wellness.  They cover all the baseline diagnoses and help you with any questions you may have throughout your journey with us.  To learn more about Nutrition Counseling programs and Eat to Live’s organic boutique, click the link below!

Learn More About the Health Heart Ambassador Program!

For more information about the Healthy Heart Ambassador program, or to find additional classes in your area visit