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Grandfamily Support Group
Newport Unhoused Winter Drive

Winter is right around the corner and unhoused residents within our community are in need of basic necessities to remain safe and warm this season. Donate today to help your community!

PEER Productions

Calling all creative 9-12th graders, are you interested in creating stories via film, media, music, or graphic design? Join PEER Productions on December 13th!

Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program

Empower yourself with new skills and knowledge to help you better manage your blood pressure! This program helps people learn how to accurately take their blood pressure at home.

Preventable Podcast

Totally Preventable will make you think about the issues your community faces and how YOU can make a difference for your friends, family, and neighbors.


Designed to provide individuals with safe drinking resources such as a Blood Alcohol Calculator and links to rides, available to Newport County bars for free!

Grandfamily Support Group
Grandfamily Support Group

NCPC, in collaboration with Child & Family, offers a support group for grandparents who are the primary caregivers to their grandchildren. This group provides an opportunity to come together and connects grandfamilies to resources specific to their needs.

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Nuestras coaliciones locales

Little Compton

The New Reach Newsletter

Our newsletter is back and better than ever! Introducing The Reach Newsletter, a monthly publication designed to inform Newport County residents about the Coalition and the various ongoing initiatives available to those in our community. Check out our newest edition below and explore our website to learn more about the projects mentioned!

Nuestra visión es la de un Condado que abraza y promueve la salud y la seguridad de todos los residentes.

La Coalición de Prevención del Condado de Newport está formada por miembros voluntarios que representan y sirven a múltiples sectores de nuestra región. Nuestro objetivo es desarrollar, aplicar y defender estrategias eficaces de prevención y bienestar basadas en la comunidad.

Nuestro compromiso de apoyar a los residentes del Condado de Newport nos impulsa a seguir ampliando y determinando las necesidades insatisfechas en nuestra comunidad, al tiempo que tratamos de involucrar a los residentes en nuestros esfuerzos.

¡Siempre estamos buscando miembros de nuestra comunidad que se unan a nuestros esfuerzos y formen parte de la solución! 

Recursos regionales de Rhode Island

Las Coaliciones Regionales de Rhode Island están compuestas por siete regiones que cubren el Estado. Las Coaliciones representan a los padres, los jóvenes, los agentes de policía, las escuelas, la asistencia sanitaria, las empresas, los funcionarios públicos y los líderes de la comunidad. Evaluamos los retos que plantea el consumo de sustancias en la región y colaboramos en el desarrollo de políticas y programas con prácticas basadas en la evidencia. 

Si necesita ayuda en otro condado o está buscando recursos adicionales, visite hoy mismo today.

¡Síganos en las redes sociales!

New Podcastnosolobrand Greg and Polly speak to John Toracinta, Co-founder of NOSOLO, on how fashion can help Mental Health.Show support for those affected by mental illness by simply wearing the symbol. A symbol that represents family and unconditional support. By doing so, you will give a voice to those who may be suffering in silence. Nobody Goes Solo.To Learn more about NOSOLO have a Listen!Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or click the link #podcast #totallypreventable #prevention #Coalition #mentalhealth #nosolo #nobodygoesalone #clothingbrand ... See MoreSee Less
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December Challenge 25 Days of Mental Health!The month of December is a busy, overwhelming month for a lot of us!We challenge you to our mental health challenge!Tag someone you want to challenge!Round Two (if you missed round one its not late to join!): Day8: Journaling - This is the task of writing down your thoughts, feelings, your day, and anything in a journal only you can read. This helps you prioritize problems, concerns, and emotions. This activity has been proven to help healing and progress in people's mental health.Task: Prompt: what you are most proud of? Go Rouge: Don't like the prompt? Free write! Write about anything!After thoughts: How do you feel? Did you enjoy journaling?Day9:Better Longer sleep has been proven improve creativity and problem solving; lower the likelihood of depression and other mental disorders; and even increase life expectancy.Task: Turn off your phone and close your eyes 30mins before you normally would!Day10:No is a such a simple word that we have such a hard time telling people, rather we end up saying yes and taking on loads of task and stressing our selves out. Task: Say no to something you don't want to do that is going to stress you out.Day11:Recharging in nature promotes many positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, and creativity and concentration.Task: Go on a hike, go to a park or just sit outside. Listen to the noises take in the earths energy!Day12:Listen to a podcast help you destress and relax. While also educating yourself and strengthening your brain!Task: Listen to a podcast!Any podcast you want.... We recommend our very own Totalmente Prevenible podcast.( New one out tomorrow 🙂Day13: Doing a good deed helps you feel better and your brain releases endorphins.Task: So something good for someone, make their day... it might just make yours.Day14:Spending less time on social media has been proven to decrease anxiety and stress.Task: Ok so you might be on social media right now.. put it down try and avoid it for the rest of the day! Goodluck!See you in 7 days 🙂#newportcountyprevention #decemberchallenge #mentalhealth #25days #mentalthhealthchallenge ... See MoreSee Less
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Haircuts For ResidentsExperiencing HomelessnessJoin us and Turning Around Ministries on December 12th 9AM-2PM for free haircuts for any individual experiencing homelessness. Click the link below to learn more. Thank you to Hair Apparent for your generous support!Location: Turning Around Ministries40 Dr Marcus Wheatland Blvd Newport, RI #unhoused #freehaircuts ... See MoreSee Less
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Thank you for all your support with the Unhoused Winter Drive! There is still time to donate!We will be giving out all the supplies to local Unhoused community members December 12th 10AM-2PM in front of the Newport Police Station!On the same day join us at Turning Around Ministries for free haircuts for any individual experiencing homelessness 9am-2pm. This will take place at Turning Around Ministries 40 Dr Marcus Wheatland Blvd Newport, RI 02840.Click the link to learn more! #unhouseddrive #unhoused #winter #freehaircuts ... See MoreSee Less
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Grandfamily Support Group Cuidar a los nietos es una experiencia única que puede poner a prueba la dinámica familiar de muchas maneras diferentes. Child & Family, en colaboración con la Coalición de Prevención del Condado de Newport, ofrece un grupo de apoyo para los abuelos que son los principales cuidadores de sus nietos, brindando una oportunidad para reunirse y proporcionarse apoyo mutuo. Las reuniones se celebran el tercer martes de cada mes.If you are interested in attending or referring potential members, please contact Gregory Thompson, Next Meeting December 20th 3:00pm @ Child and Family Services, Middletown #Grandfamily #grandparents #children #supportgroup ... See MoreSee Less
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Demand Actiontruth Urge the White House to recognize vaping nicotine as a mental health issueDecision makers take many forms, but wherever they are and whatever their sphere of influence, it is critical to get them on our side in the fight to protect our generation’s mental health from profit-hungry corporations. In this case, we’ve got our sights set on the epicenter of power and influence: the White House.By putting pressure on decision makers in the White House to take action and recognize vaping nicotine as a mental health issue, we’re underscoring the importance of mental health, bringing attention and awareness to the harmful impact vaping nicotine can have on our health, and ensuring our voices are heard at the highest levels. Learn more @ #Vape #mentalhealth ... See MoreSee Less
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