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Calling All Creative 9th - 12th Graders!

Are you interested in creating stories via film, media, music, or graphic design?

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About Peer Productions

Peer Productions empowers 9th -12th graders to share their creative talents through media. The initiative empowers youth to share their own creative projects and reach peers who may be facing similar situations. Peer Productions fulfills a specific need by giving young people the power to express themselves through writing, acting, film, music, or graphic design with stories on big theme issues such as mental health topics.

Recent Productions

The Not So Crooked Crook by Nick Dude

“The Not So Crooked Crook” is a captivating stop-motion Lego short film that highlights the significance of personal growth and resisting peer pressure. The film, written by Nick Duda, showcases the script and video editing talents of Luca Palumbo, along with the voice acting of Evan Duda, Nick Duda, and Luca Palumbo.


1 Videos

Decided by Luca Palumbo

In the short film “Decided,” written and directed by Luca Palumbo, we witness the journey of Noah, a student who finds himself under the influence of peer pressure during a school dance. When urged by his classmates, Noah takes a pill, unleashing a series of consequences that stem from a momentary, impulsive choice. The film features performances by Alex Marx, Ryan Marx, William Correia, Nick Duda, Lucia Johnson, and Lauren Wilkie.


1 Videos

White Noise by Emma Baker

The short film “White Noise” was written by Tiverton High School student Emma Baker with writing contributions by Ava Milukas, Julia Han, Casey Michaels, Elise Flanagan and Emily Cutillo-Mello – who also stared in the feature film.

Mara needs some help dealing with life right now. Her mom doesn’t seem to listen to her and her best friend Gia has slowly drifted away since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Mara feels overwhelmed by the mental health struggles she is facing and doesn’t know where to turn, she can’t seem to control the white noise that fills her mind when she feels anxious. Writer Emma Baker wanted this film to shine a spotlight on a familiar feeling for most teenagers; feeling unheard. Watch the short film and cast interviews below!

White Noise Premiere Red Carpet

The CORE Org. is Creative Outreach Reinventing Expression, a source, and resource 501(c)3, providing arts enrichment and wellness. We are dedicated to providing professional after-school arts education and wellness in all arts formats throughout the east bay area. Classes are based in and open to all students in the Tiverton school district as well as our surrounding communities.  The CORE.org is a non-profit organization and is not funded by any school department. It receives its funding through grants, donations, and modest tuition for enrollment in our classes. We have the support of the Tiverton schools and teachers to offer after-school extended arts programming and we go through all the normal paperwork, each session, to do so, ensuring every child has the opportunity to experience the empowerment of expressive and creative arts. We are an all-inclusive organization unless a student is being disrespectful and/or harmful to themselves or others. CORE has never turned away a student for financial, religious or cultural beliefs, nor would it ever. The CORE.org board does not, nor has it ever, forced their opinions or beliefs on any student. However, while involved in the arts, many students find their own voice-and begin the process of discovering who they are along the way! This will always be encouraged. Parents and children are not forced but are welcomed to participate. We offer needs-based scholarships and attempt to make reasonable accommodations for students who require differentiated approaches to learning. Peer Productions is a collaborative effort between Newport County Prevention Coalition and The CORE Organization.